5 minute potato & tuna recipe that’s tasty and healthy (plus confession time)

Happy Sunday everyone. Ok, so I have a confession to make….I haven’t finished the next step in my goal setting task, as promised in my post last week. It has been one crazy week where I have been desperately trying to finish sewing my dress to wear to my brother’s wedding (nothing like adding a bit of pressure to a sewing project!) She does look lovely though (my dress, that is.) So, I prioritised my dress over my goals. Don’t you love the concept of prioritisation? Makes things so much simpler and suppresses a bit of overwhelm.

Something I am excited to share with you all (later this week) is my interview with Alyce Pilgrim, a very talented Life Coach. She will be providing some very handy, practical tips for goal setting. If you’re having trouble with yours (ie. can’t get past the ‘thinking, thinking, thinking’ stage) then tune in, because Alyce’s tips will definitely help.

So today, to make up for my broken promise, I’m going to share my favourite meal at the moment. Last week I mentioned that, unfortunately, I’ve lost my cooking mojo. However, this one’s a beauty. No cooking mojo needed here. Literally a 5 minute dish (not a Jamie Oliver 5 minutes…I still love you, though, Jamie.) AND it’s perfect for lunch at work too. It all packs nicely into one container – all you need is a microwave in your office kitchen.


My potato & tuna recipe is one of those dishes that is made up of staple ingredients, which you would usually already have in your pantry – perfect for when you get home and realise that you’ve forgotten to stop by the supermarket (hate that!)

The other wonderful thing about this dish is that I get to use some of my own, freshly grown produce. LOVE IT!

TIP – prepare your lunch box at the same time that you prepare your dinner – don’t forget a knife and fork, because icy pole sticks don’t cut it… ;-)

My potato & tuna recipe

How I make it:

  • 2 potatoes. One for dinner, one for lunch tomorrow. As these lovelies are cooking in the microwave, I prepare the rest of the ingredients. Oven cooked would be delicious, but usually when I make this I’m too hungry to wait another hour, so microwave it is. Once cooked, cut it open and pile everything on top. Don’t cut your lunch potato though, you’ll need to heat this up separately in the microwave at work, and then add your tuna and salad ingredients.
  • Avocado. I generally use half an avo per serving. I won’t even make this dish without avocado – I lament the weeks where they are too expensive AND unripe.
  • Tuna- I love the Greenseas Spicy Chilli (not so cat foody). Make sure you add this to the potato first so the oil soaks in….mmm.
  • Greens – I usually go for baby spinach (I always have baby spinach in my fridge- perfect to throw into any dish) but since my veggie patch is lovely and abundant at the moment, I’ve been shredding in some silverbeet and beetroot leaves (thank YOU, Stephanie Alexander, for introducing me to beetroot leaves!)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Natural yoghurt OR fetta. Depends on my mood, and what’s in the fridge. I don’t recommend both at the same time….My favourite natural yoghurt is five:am – so creamy and delish. If I go fetta, then I also throw in some olives.
  • And if I’m lucky, some coriander leaves from my garden

To quote George R.R Martin after the first episode of Season 4, Game of Thrones aired:

“You’re welcome.”


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      Thanks Di! I’m very proud of my little veggie patch. I’m thinking of getting another 2 apple crates so I can grow even more!!

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